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Here is several pictures, as background for Windows. Pictures are from the Yellowstone National Park area, Arches National Park and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Feel free to download any or all.
You can download two different sizes: 640x480 (220K) or 800x600 (350K) and your display has to be set for 256 colors or higher. You will also need WinZip to unpack files. (www.winzip.com)
Download and installation:
1. Find out what resolution is your display (go to My Computer/ Control Panel/ Display/ Settings)
2. Pick a picture and resolution (on prompt save to disk, after the download is completed, unzip to folder called WINDOWS)
3. Go to My Computer/ Control Panel/ Display/ Background , look in the wallpaper and select desired image.

horses6 (640x480)
horses8 (800x600)

bear6 (640x480)
bear8 (800x600)

sheep6 (640x480)
sheep8 (800x600)

tetons6 (640x480)
tetons8 (800x600)

yellowstone6 (640x480)
yellowstone8 (800x600)

oldfaithful6 (640x480)
oldfaithful8 (800x600)

jimmt6 (640x480)
jimmt8 (800x600)

wfall6 (640x480)
wfall8 (800x600)

arch6 (640x480)
arch8 (800x600)

balrock6 (640x480)
balrock8 (800x600)

haleb6 (640x480)
haleb8 (800x600)

water6 (640x480)
water8 (800x600)

If you like it, tell your friends, send them one of the pictures as a multimedia postcard!

Lowest Prices in the Industry!!!!
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