US/Japanese Trade Relations

The islands that make up the country of Japan are small and densely populated. Japan has very few natural resources and the country by itself cannot support the incredible amount of human lives that resides there. The vast majority of Japanís wheat, corn, raw cotton, iron ore, and crude oil are all imported. In 1970 metals and other basic raw materials accounted for thirty percent of Japanís imports, fuels accounted for twenty-one percent, and food accounted for fourteen percent of all imports due to Japanís meager natural resources. These massive importation are a far cry from Japanís earlier isolationist days when Japan intensely secluded itself from the rest of the world.

Matthew Perry
Meiji Restoration
World War I and inter war years
World War II
Allied Occupation
60s and 70s
80s and varied treaties
Currently and US trade deficit